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Panel Secretariat

The Inspection Panel has a permanent Secretariat that provides operational and administrative support to the Chairperson and Panel Members and assists the Panel in processing requests, conducting eligibility reviews and investigations, and responding to queries. The Secretariat also organizes and participates in outreach activities, seminars and other events, and disseminates information about the Panel, its mandate and work. 

Panel Secretariat Staff

From left to right: Standing: Oriana Bolvaran, Lars Volck Madsen, Reinett Erkan, Rupes Dalai, Rob Doherty; Seating: Birgit Kuba, Dilek Barlas and Tamara Milsztajn.

Dilek Barlas

Executive Secretary

Birgit Kuba

Operations Officer

Tamara Milsztajn

Operations Officer

Reinett Erkan

Senior Operations Officer

Robert Doherty

Senior Communications Officer

Oriana Bolvaran

Senior Executive Assistant

Rupes Kumar Dalai

Research Assistant