Panel cases

Case # Project Title Country Year
38 Land Administration Project Honduras
37 Transitional Support for Economic Recovery Credit and Emergency Economic and Social Reunification Support Project Congo, Democratic Republic of
36 Forest Concession Management and Control Pilot Project Cambodia
35 Public Works and Employment Creation Project (Not Registered) Burundi
34 National Drainage Program Project Pakistan
33 Mumbai Urban Transport Project (Second Request) India
32 Mumbai Urban Transport Project (First Request) India
31 Cartagena Water Supply, Sewerage and Environmental Project Colombia
30 Indigenous and Community Biodiversity Project (COINBIO) Mexico
29 Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project (Not Registered) Cameroon
28 Manila Second Sewerage Project (MSSP) Philippines
27 Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project, and Petroleum Environment Capacity Enhancement Project Cameroon
26 Paraguay/Argentina Reform Project for the Water and Telecommunications Sectors, SEGBA V Power Distribution Project (Yacyretá) Argentina, Paraguay
25 Governance Promotion Adjustment Loan Papua New Guinea
24 Third Power Project, Fourth Power Project, and Proposed Bujugali Hydropower Project Uganda
23 Coal Sector Mitigation Project and Coal Sector Rehabilitation Project India
22 Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project, Management of the Petroleum Economy Project, and Petroleum Sector Management Capacity Building Project Chad
21 NTPC Power Generation Project (Second Request) India
20 Mining Development and Environmental Control Assistance Project Ecuador