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Executive Secretary Change

Washington, D.C., April 10, 2014 - On March 24, the Panel's Executive Secretary Peter Lallas moved to an exciting new position with the Global Environment Facility. Before joining the Panel in 2005, Peter worked for many years on global environmental treaties and cooperation in a variety of capacities.

Panel members and Secretariat staff express their deep appreciation to Peter for his guidance over the years. His expertise and understanding of safeguards with respect to international law and policy issues, coupled with his humanistic and compassionate approach, were central to the Panel's work for the past years. His advice was invaluable during his tenure, as was his dedication to helping address the concerns of the poor and most vulnerable. Panel members and Secretariat staff wish him continued success in this new position.

Peter has expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to work at the Panel over these years, and to serve its mission of bringing concerns from “village to Bank Board room”. Peter expressed his deep gratitude especially to the people who came to and trusted the Panel to provide a fair, independent and effective avenue of recourse and accountability in support of their rights and better outcomes of Bank interventions. He also thanks the Panel members and Secretariat staff for their dedication and excellence in supporting this work over the years, and for their friendship.

Deputy Executive Secretary Dilek Barlas is the Acting Executive Secretary until the finalization of the hiring process.