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Annual Meetings 2014 CSO Policy Forum Session

Responding to People’s Grievances by Piloting an Early Solutions Approach

A Case Study from East Badia, Lagos, Nigeria

On October 9, 2014, the Inspection Panel hosted a session, as part of the 2014 World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings Civil Society Policy Forum, to discuss the pilot approach to support early solutions of grievances brought to it by requesters. This approach was implemented for the first time on the case related to Nigeria Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (LMDGP), and concluded in July 2014.

The session presented and discussed the overall framework of the pilot, using the LMDGP as a case study, where a diverse range of stakeholders, including the representatives of requesters, an international CSO, the World Bank Management and the Executive Board, shared their experiences and perspectives on the pilot, followed by a broader discussion.

Watchfull video of the session. Read abrief summary of the sessionby the Bretton Woods Project.

Seeadditional informationon the pilot case related to the LMDGP.

Session speakers:

Welcoming Remarks by Session Chair

Ms. Satu-Leena Santala, Executive Director, World Bank

Pilot Overview

Ms. Eimi Watanabe, Chairperson, Inspection Panel

Operational Perspective from the World Bank

Mr. Ian Bannon, Practice Manager, the World Bank

Accountability and the Pilot Approach

Ms. Alessandra Masci, Strategy Advisor, Amnesty International

Perspectives from the Requesters and Project Affected People

Mr. Felix Morka, Executive Director, SERAC, Lagos, Nigeria