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Improving Delivery in Development : The Role of Voice, Social Contract And Accountability

​TwoInspection Panel staff members –Dilek Barlas(Executive Secretary) andTatiana Tassoni(Senior Operations Officer) – just published a paper titled “Improving Service Delivery through Voice and Accountability” on how strengthening the voice and accountability of local stakeholders can improve development outcomes of World Bank-financed projects. The paper is one of several chapters on the Panel in the recently published 6th volume of the World Bank Legal Review,Improving Delivery in Development: The Role of Voice, Social Contract, and Accountability. The authors argue that the creation of the Panel 20 years ago strengthened the concept of a ‘social contract’ between the Bank and people affected by its projects by providing citizens an opportunity to bring and seek redress for harms caused by Bank-funded projects. They also cite numerous Panel cases to illustrate how their findings led the World Bank to improve its policies on environmental legacy and land administration issues.

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