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Meeting with SOGIE Activists

​The heads and staff from the Inspection Panel (IPN) and the Compliance Advisory Ombudsman (CAO) met recently with a group of Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) activists from over a dozen countries. The meeting was held on April 14 in Washington during the run-up to the WBG/IMF Spring Meetings. The meeting provided an opportunity for the SOGIE network members to describe the advocacy work they carry out in their own countries to promote greater respect and tolerance for the SOGIE community. They also shared their views on the WBG’s safeguards review process. IPN Chairman, Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, and CAO Vice President, Osvaldo Gratacós, thanked the participants for this opportunity to exchange information and explained the role and nature of the compliance and redress work carried out by both mechanisms around the world. They also noted their commitment to the WBG’s principles of non-discrimination and respect for sexual orientation and gender identity choices. Finally, participants discussed ways of increasing communication and contact between the SOGIE community and the IPN and CAO going forward.

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