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NYU School of Law Students Meet Inspection Panel Staff

​Under the guidance of Prof. Grainne de Burca and Prof. Angelina Fisher, NYU School of Law students Cristina Passoni, Ariel Rosenbaum and Eleanor Vermunt met with the Panel Members and staff of the Inspection Panel on November 19, 2015. The students made a presentation on the research project they are undertaking as part ofNYU Law School’s International Organizations Clinicon the proposed draft of the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework. Specifically they are analyzing whether the draft Environmental and Social Framework will have any impact on the compliance role and work of the Inspection Panel. The session was quite useful to discuss their preliminary research findings and clarify several pending issues. These findings will be published as an academic paper in the next few months and we will post it on our website. See more pictures in ourFacebook page.