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Panel issues Notice of Non-Registration in Bangladesh Food Storage Facilities Case

​The Inspection Panel on March 13 issued a Notice of Non-Registration in response to a complaint filed about the Modern Food Storage Facilities Project in Bangladesh. The Panel had received a Request for Inspection on December 8, 2016, from farmers in the project area who feared health, environmental and economic harm from the household grain-storage silos to be distributed under the project. In conducting its due diligence, the Panel learned that testing is complete for the polypropylene copolymer (PPCP) prototype, a food-grade plastic to be used to manufacture the storage silos, and it is confirmed as safe for use as raw material in the silos. The Panel also noted that PPCP is accepted internationally as food-grade plastic, and was used in a previous Bank-financed project in Bangladesh. Given these considerations, the Panel decided not to register the Request.