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Panel issues Notice of Non-Registration in Vietnam Livestock/Food Safety Case

​The Inspection Panel on March 21 issued a Notice of Non-Registration in response to a complaint filed about the Vietnam Livestock Competitiveness and Food Safety Project and its additional financing. The Panel had received a Request for Inspection on January 12 from two Vietnamese animal-protection organizations that requested confidentiality. The complainants claimed that the project failed to consider the welfare of the farm animals housed by the livestock producers involved in the project, and also complained about a lack of consultation and access to information. After receiving the Request, the Panel held a video conference with the complainants to better understand their concerns and met with World Bank management. The Panel learned from Bank management that the project does not directly support any production facilities, but rather focuses on capacity-building and training activities to improve animal health. After reviewing the information gathered through its own due diligence and the information received from management, the Panel did not register the Request for Inspection given the absence of a currently applicable World Bank operational policy and procedure on animal welfare against which the Panel could determine project compliance.

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