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​Panel Issues Notice of Registration Related to Uganda Kalagala Offset Area

On June 20, 2016, the Panel received a Request for Inspection related to the World Bank-financed Private Power Generation (Bujagali) Project; the Water Management and Development Project; and the Energy for Rural Transformation Phase III Project, all implemented in Uganda. The Requesters, who asked confidentiality, claim that residents in the Kalagala Offset Area are likely to suffer environmental and social harm from the filling of a reservoir of the Isimba dam, which is receiving financing separate from the World Bank. They claim the reservoir will flood the Offset Area and undermine the management of protected resources, required by an Indemnity Agreement signed between the Government of Uganda and the World Bank. The Panel issued a Notice of Registration on September 6, 2016. World Bank Management has 21 business days to respond, by October 5, 2016.

Download and read the Notice of Registration here :