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Panel Issues Second Notice of Registration in Armenia Irrigation Case

​The Inspection Panel on May 3, 2016, received a second Request for Inspection related to the Armenia Irrigation System Enhancement Project, which converts four pump-based irrigation systems into gravity irrigation. The request was submitted by residents of Garni village affected by the Kaghtsrashen Gravity Irrigation System. The Requesters are concerned about a lack of water for gravity irrigation, the destruction of the Azat Gorge with impacts on tourism, and issues relating to consultation and participation. The Inspection Panel issued aNotice of Registrationon May 24.

Earlier, on March 18, the Panel had received a Request for Inspection relating to the same project. That Request, which wasregistered by the Panelon April 26, was submitted by members of the Goght community affected by the Gegardalich Gravity Irrigation Scheme. They are also concerned about a lack of water for irrigation and inadequate consultation and participation.

Since both Requests raise similar issues relating to gravity irrigation under the same project, the Panel, for reasons of economy and efficiency, intends to process them jointly.

Bank management will provide a response to the issues raised in both Requests for Inspection by June 8.