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Panel Registers Complaints Related to Río Bogotá Project in Colombia

​The Inspection Panel on October 13, 2016, issued aNotice of Registrationfor complaints related to the Bank-financed Río Bogotá Environmental Recuperation and Flood Control Project in Colombia. The Panel had received complaints about the project on June 23 and June 29 but did not register them to provide Bank management with the opportunity to address the concerns. Two additional complaints from the same groups were received on September 30 from “Fundación Colectivo Somos Uno”, representing members from the El Cortijo neighborhood in Bogotá, and on October 5 from “Mesa Cuidadana Cortijo Tibaguya”, representing the residents of UPZ 72 community. The complainants, who asked for confidentiality, stated they were not satisfied with Bank management’s actions and raised concerns about the improvement and expansion of the Salitre Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bogotá. They claim that residents of the neighboring communities are likely to suffer environmental, health and social harm as a result of the expansion of the plant, and allege negative environmental impacts on the wetlands and ecosystems of the area. They also question the analysis of alternatives, and claim that the project in its current location and form is not technically, environmentally and socially viable. In addition, they complain about lack of consultation and access to information. Since both complaints refer to the same project and raises similar concerns, the Panel will process them jointly. Bank Management has 21 business days, until November 11, to respond.

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