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IAMs Promoting Citizen Driven Accountability for Sustainable Development


In the 1990s, international financial institutions began establishing Independent Accountability Mechanisms to provide recourse for people who believe they have been, or could be, harmed by IFI-supported projects. Today, a large number of multilateral and bilateral financial institutions have mechanisms. This video explains their work.

IAMs: Promoviendo la Responsabilidad ciudadana para el desarrollo sostenible

En la década de 1990, las instituciones financieras internacionales comenzaron a establecer Mecanismos Independientes de Rendición de Cuentas para proporcionar recursos a personas que creen que han sido o podrían ser perjudicadas por proyectos apoyados por IFI. Hoy en día, un gran número de instituciones financieras multilaterales y bilaterales tienen mecanismos. Este video explica su trabajo.

Reflections On 5 Years With The Inspection Panel - Zeinab El Bakri, Panel Member

Zeinab Bashir Elbakri completes her five-year term with the Inspection Panel, the World Bank's Independent Accountability Mechanism, on August 31. In a conversation with Inspection Panel Executive Secretary Dilek Barlas, Elbakri, a national of Sudan, discusses her reasons for joining the Panel in 2012, what has surprised her about the job, misconceptions about the Panel, the investigation that made the greatest impression on her, and what the Bank's new Environmental and Social Framework might mean for the work of the Panel.

Launching Session - Emerging Lessons Series 2 : Indigenous Peoples' Cases

The Inspection Panel on October 4 released the second report in its Emerging Lessons Series. The report, which detailed lessons from Panel cases involving indigenous peoples, was released at a side event to the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group Annual Meetings. Panel Chairman Gonzalo Castro de la Mata presented the main findings of the report at the event, which was chaired by Melanie Robinson, World Bank executive director. Maninder Gill, director with the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, and Albert Barume, chairperson/president of the UN Expert Mechanism of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples also took part in the event. The report series identifies lessons emerging from the Panel’s 22-year caseload. The initial report in the series, which identified lessons from cases related to involuntary resettlement, was released in April. Subsequent reports will cover environmental and social assessment, and issues related to consultation, participation and disclosure of information.

Qu'est ce que le Panel d'inspection?

Qu'est-ce que le Panel d'inspection? La vidéo est un aperçu de l'histoire, la composition, le rôle et le processus du Panel d'inspection de la Banque mondiale.

¿Qué es el Panel de Inspección?

¿Qué es el Panel de Inspección? El video ofrece una visión general de lo que es la historia, la composición, el papel y el proceso del Panel de Inspección del Banco Mundial.