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Visit to the Panel of Elaine Zuckerman of Gender Action

Elaine Zuckerman, the President and Founder of Gender Actionvisited theInspection Panelon December 16, 2014, to talk about the advocacy work they carry out on the gender policies and practices of the World Bank and other International Financial Institutions (IFIs). Having worked at the World Bank as an economist on China projects in the 1980s, and later as a gender expert in late 1990s, she also provided advice to the Panel on how to ensure that gender perspectives are fully considered in Panel investigations, especially related to cases where women are being more negatively impacted by Bank-financed projects.

Gender Action promotes women's rights and gender justice and ensures women and men equally participate in and benefit from IFI investments in developing countries. See below two important reports which Gender Action produced on the gender policies of IFIs:

-- Gender Justice: A Citizen's Guide to Gender Accountability at International Financial Institutions, Gender Action and the Center for International Environmental Law (PDF 1.90 MB).

--Speaking up for Gender: A Step-by-Step Guide to Holding IFIs Accountable, Gender Action (PDF 2.70 MB).