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World Bank Board Approves Management Action Plan in Kenya Electricity Expansion Project Case

​The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors on February 16 approved the Management Action Plan in the Kenya Electricity Expansion Project case. The Action Plan comes in response to the findings of the Inspection Panel’s July 2015 investigation report and follows a mediation process co-facilitated by the Complaints Mechanism of the European Investment Bank (EIB-CM). The project was funded by the World Bank and EIB among others, and the EIB-CM and the Panel conducted a joint investigation after receiving similar complaints about it. The complaints came from members of the Maasai indigenous community, which claimed harm as a result of resettlement of four villages. The Panel found noncompliance with Bank policies related to indigenous peoples and involuntary resettlement, and observed impoverishment among the most vulnerable people as a result of resettlement. In October 2015, the Board endorsed Management’s participation, through its Grievance Redress Service, in the mediation process involving the affected community and the project implementing agency. It asked Management to return to the Board to present the resulting Action Plan for approval. To read the approved Action Plan,click here. To read the Panel’s Investigation Report, which was discussed by the Board in October 2015,click here. To read the press release,click here.